One project that our designers are always looking forward to is MCA’s Mixed Taste. This museum sponsored lecture series challenges two speakers to present seemingly unrelated topics. Then in a follow up Q&A, the audience draws tangents between subjects, reaching new conclusions.

This year’s lecture series takes place in the relatively small basement of the MCA, an obvious change in venue from the Opera House. To emphasize the space, Greg created a post-apocolyptic fall-out shelter illustration, crammed with all sorts of unrelated characters. To bring a more tactile feel to the card, Greg masterfully implemented thermographic printing to the card.

Thermography—for those of you who don’t know—is a printing process in which an embossing powder is carefully applied to wet ink. This ink/powder mixture is dried and hardened later in a heating process. The result is a postcard that engages not only the eyes but also the hand. This postcard’s a keeper.

To learn more about the Mixed Taste lecture series, click here.


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