EBD is thrilled to have taken home two silver awards for print design and packaging design at The One Club for Creativity‘s 2017 Annual Show in Denver.


EBD partnered with Bed, Bath and Beyond to design the brand and packaging for a new baking line called Taste & Co. Our goal was to create a brand that would resonate with consumers and communicate the quality of the crafted products. Something they might have seen in their grandmother’s pantry. We created a customized font and hand etched illustrations, along with a rich color palette to achieve our goal.


The annual MCA Denver Beefsteak Dinner is inspired by the festive Beefsteak banquets originating among the working class of New York City in the mid-1800s. The meal would generally be organized to celebrate or raise money for politicians, newly promoted friends or celebrities. MCA’s version celebrates all that is manly—beef, whiskey, black tie and no utensils. Our invitation design helps set the tone for the masculine beefsteak event. It features historic-style graphics that make up a small booklet and coaster, wrapped in linen and placed in a custom box delivered to each returning guest.

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