Whiskey tastes better in good company. Pair that good company with a campfire and you’ve got an unbeatable recipe for cultivating great ideas.  A few years back, a group of three work friends were drinking whiskey, around a campfire, and decided to take their shared passion and make it their own.

Enter Branch & Barrel. The three friends transformed an old water heater into a still. Through trial and error, they found a method that worked. They used tree branches from a back yard plum tree to elevate the flavor—and the name Branch & Barrel was born. They stored it in mason jars in the basement.  And they tasted many times. After winning their friend’s and family’s approval, there was no going back. They agreed they should scale production and bring their whiskey to the public. Today, their company is Branch & Barrel Whiskey they produce four kinds of pure, smooth tasting whiskey that utilizes corn and water that is sourced from right here in Colorado.

EBD was tasked to create a brand and identity for this line that would last the test of time.  Our scope of work included brand identity, product naming, logo and bottle design (shape and labels) and even a custom holiday gift box.

We wanted the brand to appeal to people who appreciate craft flavor, and products with integrity, quality, and authenticity.  The shape of the bottle became a signature element for the brand. EBD enlisted the help of Steven Noble, a world-renowned illustrator to execute an oak tree and other hand-drawn elements that acted as a cohesive system for the entire whiskey brand. Detailed typography, personal messages, and customization elements including numbering and signing the bottles round the brand out.  

The team at Branch & Barrel understood the importance of pairing their brand mission with excellent design work. And it’s been a resounding success! Branch & Barrel now has a distillery and tasting room located in Centennial, Colorado which they are expanding and renovating for a late summer 2020 reopening. In addition, they have several new product lines in the works. The design for this brand has also received awards from the likes of Creative Quarterly Journal and AD Club Colorado.

EBD saw such authenticity and passion in this brand we chose to give it as a client gift in 2019. We are lucky to have clients that share our values — there is no doubt that this whiskey was straight from the heart! 

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