McGregor Square is 655,000 SF across three towers, including residences (McGregor Square Residences), hotel, offices, a food hall, restaurants, shops, and an outdoor entertainment plaza with a large-scale viewing screen –­ all combined to create a vibrant year-round complement to Coors Field.

McGregor Square Residences broke ground in Fall of 2018 with marketing efforts for the 103 for-sale units commencing in late 2019, just in time to face a global pandemic. EBD employed strategies such as digital advertising to keep the units front and center for people moving to Denver from larger markets. Private tours were also a key part of sales, as were print materials to keep and review at home. Social media also allowed us to keep in touch with a very present COVID audience. Despite the pandemic, only 29 of 103 units remain for sale today.

With the building and entertainment plaza complete – and residents moving in – we have stepped up the pace of digital ads to reach buyers searching for a Downtown residence.


– Naming
– Brand Identity
– Messaging
– Digital Advertising
– Direct Mail
– Collateral
– Sales Center
– Merchandise
– E-communications
– Website
– Social Media

A timeless and elegant brand featuring custom typography with a landmark symbol, inspired by the bridgeway architecture.
A folder and gate fold brochure were the initial point of entry for the sales team.
Direct Mail was sent to older condominium buildings and apartments in the Union Station Neighborhood to capture people wanting to upgrade their homes and speak to those who were living in an apartment temporarily until they found a place to purchase.
Online and social media were great ways to connect to condo buyers and a broader audience of baseball fans, architecture aficionados, and anyone interested in the larger McGregor Square project.
A strategic media approach including programmatic display (audience and geo-targeted banners) were used including targeted paid social and paid search. Also, a magazine partner microsite and print ads distributed in private airports were implemented to drive awareness and garner interest from potential homebuyers.
Retail shopping bags with branded water bottles and highball glasses were sent to buyers to keep them engaged.

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