As a society, we’re all experiencing and learning about the COVID-19 pandemic in real-time. And we’re doing it together. The concept of community has taken on a whole new perception in the past couple of weeks. Here at EBD our clients ARE our community and we’re so lucky that many of them are considered local and native to Colorado.

We’re so proud of the products and experiences they provide, and we don’t want to keep them all to ourselves! So to ensure that local business continues to thrive, we wanted to share some of our favorites.

Branch & Barrel

A Colorado crafted whiskey, Branch & Barrel know a thing or two about community. There whiskey encourages it, claiming ‘Passionate Whiskey for Passionate People.’ The whiskey uses only Colorado corn and water to distill that perfect small-batch flavor. Grab your bottle here

Johnson’s Chili

In a recent blog, we talked about the community that roots this incredible chili starter. Started in Colorado and continued to be produced by Temptee foods right here in Denver. This delicious starter makes a super convenient and effortless meal on these nights in. Order online here, or at any of your neighborhood King Soopers or Safeway or order online from here.

Spinelli’s Sauce Co.

Spinelli’s, a line of spaghetti sauces and dressings that was created by a female chef for a small Italian market in Denver, Colorado. As it still being March, and international women’s month. This is a no brainer, local business, and an incredible woman creator. You can get saucy right here.

Hammond’s Candies

This year, Hammond’s will be celebrating year 100 in its making of the most delicious candy and again, they’re right here in Denver. We’ve worked with the Hammond’s team for over 10 years to create beautiful packaging for even better tasting candy. You can shop them online here!


Nestled into Denver’s Union Station this fine dining restaurant seems to turn any dinner into an unforgettable experience. Right now we may not be able to enter the doors but you can still support this beautiful restaurant by purchasing a gift card, here.

Sunday Vinyl

Right across from Tavernetta lives its sister restaurant. Its sister has a little more sass but just as much charm. Sunday Vinyl captures with the literal vinyl that gets spun and puts a soundtrack to your entire experience. Help support them with a gift card right here.

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