Marketing by EBD


A marketing plan is a blueprint that outlines how to implement your marketing strategy. Step one is a discovery meeting with you to understand your goals and objectives, key milestones and target market. Step two is to build the blueprint that outlines your outreach strategies, goals and tactics to reach your target. Your plan will detail actionable steps to take for advertising, public relations, direct mail, and special promotions. Deliverables include a comprehensive 12-month plan detailing the targets, communication goals, reach frequency and media buy recommendation.


In this phase, we develop an overarching ad campaign that delivers on the marketing plan we develop. We create a message that speaks to your audience. We fulfill the media buy and do monthly media plan management. And we track results and optimize as we go along.


Print isn’t dead, it is a part of how people communicate and learn about your product, place or service. We design print materials to send to your customers, give to them in person, and generally engage them. This could be brochures, direct-mail postcards, merchandise, registration forms, special promotions or other print collateral to keep in contact with potential buyers to keep them engaged.


CPG is in our DNA. We’ve created new brands, refreshed old brands, and created lines with hundreds of products. Packaging is a science, including considering the storage, sale, and use of the product. We consider how it contains, preserves, and transports the product. We design beautiful packaging but also understand how it is going to work on shelf, and how it informs, and how it sells.


Digital marketing includes websites, digital e-blasts, and display advertising. We work on these platforms to develop strong and innovative strategies to promote your business brand, products, and services. Marketing tools and techniques like PPC, SEO, SEM are also key to getting your product or service noticed.


Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. Social media is a key component in your marketing arsenal. It allows you to speak to the world, but only if it is done right and with the right support mechanisms. Without a plan, you will be operating in a vacuum. EBD manages your social media as part of an overall campaign that delivers results.


EBD is skilled in the complexities of environmental signage work. We understand scale, and how pieces respond to the place – be it urban or natural. Environmental design is the process of addressing surrounding environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products. It seeks to create spaces that will enhance the natural, social, cultural and physical environment of particular areas. This can mean art murals, temporary signage while you are waiting to open, or permanent signage and wayfinding.


Trade shows are their own animal. If you can find any more complex environment, maybe it’s NYC. With thousands of competitors everywhere, literally on top of you, the need to have good site lines, and a dynamic booth that is the “best of show” is absolutely necessary for success. The ability to showcase and demonstrate your new products and services to the trade is what will make a show a winner or a loser.