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From Concept to Acclaim: EBD’s 2023 Award Showcase

2023 was another year of remarkable creativity at Ellen Bruss Design. We’re celebrating sixteen awards from competitions held across the nation. As always, thank you to our incredible clients who trusted us to create and grow their brands.

The Frontier Drive-Inn: A Place Branding Project

Welcome to the Frontier, a project that encompasses both the visual and physical articulation of a brand – placemaking. Read more on how we turned a run-down drive-in into a vibrant experiment showcasing art, architecture and hospitality.

Creating Outstanding Brand Names

Naming places, products and companies can be challenging. EBD helps to make the process fun and rewarding through extensive research, strategy and creativity. Which results in unique, memorable names that help you stand out in the marketplace.


March 10, 2022


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Get To Know EBD

Maybe we already know you or have seen some of our work. But behind that work, there’s a lot more to EBD – what drives us, what makes great client partnerships and how we create. We’re giving you a window into our world today, and we hope you enjoy a peek behind the scenes. 

Female-Owned and Led

We’ve been female-owned and led for over 30 years. Our founder, Ellen Bruss, started EBD in a time when women were building the foundations for the gender equality progress we see today. The work EBD initially delivered had to go above and beyond – every time – and that attitude is embedded into how we work today. The brands we create are authentic, dependable and durable. Because in our world, there’s no room to not get it right.  

EBD team group photo

What Drives Us

As a boutique design agency, creativity is our core. EBD lives at the intersection of strategy and design, knowing both are crucial for the success of the brands we work with. We’re lean and nimble, which means we manage your deadlines and budgets efficiently while growing our relationship with you. We firmly believe that great creative isn’t all that great unless it’s delivered to clients in a way that creates results for their organization.

We have narrow verticals of focus – Real Estate & Retail – so we are experts in these areas, the consumers within them, and the intersections between them. We know through experience what works best in those spaces, and we understand the business models. By streamlining our focus, we’re able to follow key industry trends.

We’ve helped our clients craft the right strategy, creative and campaigns for brand launches hundreds of times over so we know what works and what doesn’t. And we’re there for the long haul ­– nurturing brands to realize continued success in market years after its initial launch. 

How We Create

Close partnerships with our clients help our team get a better understanding of how our work needs to make people think, feel, and respond. We ask questions and tailor our thinking to craft unique solutions for unique problems.  We have a standard, not a style – your solution will be one only your brand can own.

We articulate these brand solutions through strategic design. We use form, function and planning to create campaigns that deliver. We hold ourselves to a high standard for quality design, and it’s been highlighted in over 200 publications. 

The different awards EBD won for graphic design competitions.

Our Passions: Real Estate & Retail

If you unfold a mixed-use real estate development, you’ll find the places that inspire EBD. The places where people live, work and play. There are brands for condos, apartment buildings, offices, museums, restaurants, retail stores and the products in those stores, all with dynamic consumer behaviors surrounding them.

A graphic of the types of Mixed-Use Developments EBD works on.

We specialize in setting the foundation for brands with strategy which includes brand positioning, competitive audits and buyer profiles. We bring them to life with branding elements like naming, visual identity and messaging. We drive commercial growth with marketing activities like point of sale or leasing collateral, environmental signage, paid advertising, digital and social media marketing. To learn more about our capabilities, view our real estate case studies and retail case studies.  

Through our sister agency, Tinnie & Smalls, we even apply retail and product best practices to the cannabis space. 

What Makes a Great Client Partnership?

Some of our best partnerships are with companies who want to create and bring a unique vision to life through design and marketing. The clients who want to want to make positive change to their industries, think outside the box and work with transparency and integrity.

Those partnerships can be a museum building a city’s culture or a new brand creating high quality products that deliver new consumer solutions. From the most established developer in town to emerging start-ups looking to change the game, EBD doesn’t have set programs or scopes of work, but rather customizes a marketing plan to fit our client’s needs and budgets.

Denver.  But Nationwide.

EBD’s studio has been in Denver’s Rino Arts District since 2005. It’s a creative space in a creative community, designed to inspire. Our office features work we’ve delivered for clients like Hammond’s Candies, Hope Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lennar, Wolff Companies and MCA Denver, and art pieces from some of our favorite local and national artists.    

The majority of the team is based in Denver but brings their unique experiences from agencies and brands all over the world. With a mix of virtual and in person work, we can seamlessly communicate and drive projects forward with our clients. We’re proud that our work can be seen in real estate developments and retailers across the country.

A map of the States that EBD has created work for with a cation that reads, "Our reach far exceeds our address."

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