Vitri gold logo on a black background designed by EBD.

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July 1, 2020


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High-Rise in the High Desert

In 2019, Lennar Multifamily Communities (LMC) approached EBD to brand a luxury multifamily project right in Scottsdale Quarter, a mixed-use development with a high-end outdoor shopping area. Our scope-of-work included naming the project, the brand identity collateral, temporary signage to the interior and exterior signage package. EBD loves the opportunity to provide a cohesive branding experience for our clients, so we headed off to Arizona.

A gold foil Vitri logo on a black background designed by EBD.

Scottsdale Quarter isn’t just any shopping district. It’s a place where the cars that pull up to the valet cost more than a typical house. And the architecture of the project reflected that aesthetic. Clean white cladding with lots of glass, modern architecture, and a grand entry right near the shopping center’s valet drop-off. Inside, the tall ceilings, wood and natural finishes are combined with dramatic chandeliers and contemporary art. The project has a pool with cabanas and a clubhouse you can rent out. There’s also a fitness facility to bring out your inner pro-athlete and the world-renowned restaurant, Culinary Dropout, in the main level. Plus designer appliances and fixtures with upgraded finishes in all units, and penthouse homes with ultra-premium fixtures for the aforementioned car owners.

Vitri Apartment branded postcards created by EBD.

So you can see why a project like this needed a name that reflected the character of a finely crafted sports car or a bespoke Italian suit. We landed on Vitri, meaning ‘glass’ in Latin, to capture this elegance and cache. And we checked off the other boxes: the name is memorable, easy to say and remember, and had an available URL. Working closely with the interior designer, we developed a brand identity for this audience of millennial entrepreneurs, empty nesters, and baby boomer snowbirds – Desert Cactus meets Tiffany – in the most modern sense. Then we created marketing collateral akin to buying a fine automobile—hangtags with ribbons on the leasing folder, foil stamping on everything, and a black envelope with a “Tiffany Blue” touch.

A Vitri Apartment folder with printed notecards and a brochure designed by EBD.

To complete the aesthetic experience on the inside, we designed the complete signage package for all entry, wayfinding, unit numbering and amenity spaces. These finishing touches tied the box with a bow, making the signage the utmost in sophistication.

A Vitri Apartment folder designed by EBD.

EBD was pleased to be part of this five-star multi-family project’s success. As we work nationally to elevate our client’s message, we are proud to deliver brand performance. And we especially like it when that happens in sunny Arizona during a snowy Colorado winter!

Vitri Apartment unit number sign that reads '207' in large numbers and in Braille, a vertical Vitri sign on the exterior of the building, and a Vitri Apartment restroom sign that reads "Women," designed by EBD