Federico Salamoia Bolognese Salt with packaging deigned by EBD.

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February 8, 2022


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Packaging A Tradition

Great things usually start in an unusual way and this project is no exception. Ellen Bruss, our agency founder, met Federico Solmi at the Site Santa Fe annual gala. Federico is known for his work as a multimedia artist and has been featured in the Smithsonian, Times Square and several international biennials. Ellen was immediately drawn to his work and began collecting it.

So what does this have to do with salt? Federico grew up in Bologna, Italy’s city of gastronomy, spending afternoons in his family’s butcher shop. It was there he learned to make his family’s Salamoia Bolognese seasoning salt recipe. The same recipe he started sending to collectors – in a duct-taped plastic bag.

As a creative agency who specializes in packaging, the irony of receiving product this way was just too much to handle! It wasn’t long before Federico agreed to our requests to create packaging for his celebrated seasoning salt.

Salamoia Bolognese packaging designed by EBD.

To honor the history behind this product, every detail was chosen to present a classic Italian look. EBD created custom copy, typography and stamps, all nodding to Federico’s familial history at the butcher shop. The Salamoia Bolognese brand gives a voice to the Solmi family heritage while creating a brand to represent the family into the future. 

Salamoia Bolognese jar designed by EBD next to a steak on a cutting board.

We packaged the salt in glass canning jars set inside a brown cardboard box; a refined reflection of the original packaging with a major upgrade. The glass jar’s thick orange seal holds in the powerful yet fresh scent of rosemary, garlic, sage, thyme, and oregano that floods the senses when opened.

A single jat of Salamoia Bolognese designed by EBD siting on a marble counter.
Close-up of Salamoia Bolognese packaging designed by EBD.

Labels were fabricated using a Wausau eggshell felt stock, adding a smooth, textural finish. Our vendor Henry & Co., located in Atlanta, GA, helped us push the limits of the design by embossing textured labels with two copper foils, elevating the label with a subtle shimmer. The uncoated paper reflects the hand crafted nature of the design. 

Salamoia Bolognese packaging inside a box designed by EBD.
Salamoia Bolognese closed box packaging designed by EBD.

Want some? We have three jars of Salamoia Bolognese available exclusively to new EBD customers this year. Email Kate, our Director of Partnerships, to learn more.

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