Client Quarterra Multifamily Project Citizen W10 Apartments Positioning
Brand Identity
Temporary Site Signage
Environmental Signage

There’s a reason why they named this neighborhood the Golden Triangle. It really shines.

That glow might be from the golden dome of Colorado’s state capitol, or all the money from the Denver mint. But more likely it’s from the Denver Art Museum, the world famous library, or the scores of galleries and shops in the neighborhood. With so much art outside the doors of this multifamily development, we selected an artistic yet historic theme for its branding. You can see it in our choice of bronze, black and crisp white. The palette is carried throughout, from the entry way tile to the signage. Its branding is art museum straightforward, artistic and sophisticated, and recalls the history of the Golden Triangle.

Citizen W10 Apartments pocket folder designed by EBD open displaying additional print marketing materials against a turquoise blue background.
Citizen W10 Apartments logo designed by EBD in black and white against an orange background.
Interiors of the rooftop lounge of Citizen Apartments with a sitting area, foosball table and bar.
Citizen Apartments pocket folder designed by EBD against a gold background.
Citizen Apartments environmental signage designed by EBD mounted on vertical wood boards.
Citizen Apartments booklet designed by EBD opened to pages displaying stylish people smiling, a woman with her dog and a the Denver Art Museum against a gold background.
Citizen W10 Apartments artfully designed lobby with views of the front desk, sitting area, coffee bar and mail room.
Citizen Apartments rooftop pool with lounge chairs.
Citizen W10 Apartments environmental signage designed by EBD hung on grey metal siding.
A large Citizen Apartments environmental sign designed by EBD displayed on the side of the building right below an outdoor community area.