Client Temptee Specialty Foods Project J.W. Johnson Chili Competitive Audit
Brand Identity

The best chili starter you probably never heard of.

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know Johnson was one of the companies who supplied the meat to Chipotle’s original stores. Or that they had a great chili starter. Hardly anyone knew. Which meant Johnson was losing out on a huge market. With no artificial ingredients, this gluten free, preservative free starter had a terrific story to tell. We jumped at the chance to tell it with a full blown positioning, branding and packaging effort. Now busy moms, college kids, outdoor sportsmen and chili lovers everywhere know exactly which brand to use to start their chili.

Might be an image of packaging that reads 'J.W. Johnson Artisan Starter Mix for Chili.'
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Might be an image of a row of canisters that read 'Artisan Starter Mix for Chili.'