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Lake envy? Not anymore.

A home on the water. It’s the one thing people in Colorado envy about their friends in the Midwest. Maybe the only thing. Those are the people we wanted to talk to about Lakehouse, the new condominium building on Denver’s Sloan’s Lake. Because around here, lakes are rare. And homes like Lakehouse are ever rarer. Besides the stunning views both inside and out, Lakehouse is Well Certified for its positive impact on the environment.

The Lakehouse Residences door signage and an inside spread of their brochure all designed by EBD.
An image of the cotton bags with the Lakehouse Residences logo that reads 'Modern. Elegant. Inspiring.' designed by EBD.
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Lakehouse Residence branded keychain, a t-shirt, and towels that read 'Lakehouse.' all designed by EBD.
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The website main page for the Lakehouse Residences on a computer monitor designed by EBD.