Client Marczyk Fine Foods Project Brand Stewardship Ongoing Brand Identity
Key Messing

East meets West, at least it did for this gourmet grocery store.

Pete Marczyk wanted his gourmet grocery to be like the ones he grew up with back east. Family owned. Fresh, delicious food. Consistently great service with really great meat. That’s the feeling we created with his logo, brand identity, packaging and messaging. We gave it texture to represent the handcrafted products they get from around the world. And a look that promises that the experience you’ll have at Marczyk more than lives up to the accolades they have received.

Baguette bags that read 'Marczyk Fine Foods. Handmade Daily.' designed by EBD.
“You are a straight-up ROCKSTAR. Next-level.”
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A collage of Marczyk Fine Foods packaging and signs designed by EBD.

Market Made and Market Pick

As the market evolved, Marczyk starting making their own products like salsa, bread and ice cream. They also starting working with their suppliers to create unique to Marczyk's products. So we created a Market Made (homemade) and Market Pick (curated products) line. A few of the products had custom labels, but many sported the same label, which was easily printed as needed in-house.

The exterior of the Marczyk Fine Foods store front with signage designed by EBD.
A Marczyk Fine Foods paper bag designed by EBD with groceries and wine.