Client Continuum Partners Project ProduceLA Naming
Brand Identity

Did we name it ProduceLA because movies are filmed here or because it was a former cold storage facility? Guilty on both accounts.

This is the arts district in Downtown Los Angeles. And on any given day, there could be a film production company working on the block. So that’s one way we could have gone with their brand strategy. Then again, before this building was completely renovated for offices, it kept produce fresh for market. So when we were asked to come up with a name, it seemed the stars were perfectly aligned. Everything we did highlighted the dynamic nature of the district. And we chose a fractured light effect for the collateral to remind everyone it’s in sunny LA.

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Various ProduceLA webpage renderings on a computer, tablet, and smartphone designed by EBD.
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The direct mailer that read 'Now Leasing ProduceLA.' designed by EBD.