Client Quarterra Multifamily Project The Fynn Apartments Positioning
Brand Identity
Temporary Site Signage
Environmental Signage

A beacon for everyone looking for upscale downtown living.

In Gaelic, the name Fynn means bright. That’s why we chose it for this boutique-style, multifamily project. Because while Elmhurst is just one commuter train stop from Chicago’s loop, it has a bright light—a quaint downtown all its own. One that’s filled with restaurants and amenities. We were thrilled to create its entire brand, from its name and positioning to the collateral and signage. We took the authentic feeling of historic Elmhurst and staged it like a boutique hotel. This strategy worked—within two months of opening, 91 percent of the units were occupied.

The Fynn logo designed by EBD with custom patterned glass behind it.
The cover of The Fynn brochure layered over an open brochure designed by EBD.
A corner apartment in The Fynn with floor to ceiling windows wrapping around the kitchen and living area.